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How it Works

kidtoken are digital coins that parents can purchase and transfer to their kids, to pay allowances and incentivize good behavior! Parents can buy kidtoken through the app and website, and move them to their children anytime, and in any amount.

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kidtokens are digital currency you can use to give kids their allowance. It can also be used to create incentives in the app for kids to receive bonus kidtoken, for reaching certain milestones such as improving their grades, finishing their chores or eating healthy. In the kidtoken app you can also set saving goals, as a way to save for college or other important long term milestones. Each kidtoken is valued at one cent.

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  • 100 kidtoken - $1.25
  • 1000 kidtoken - $10
    (20% discount)
  • 10,000 kidtoken - $100
    (20% discount)
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